¡Corre con Sonic!
¿Te gusta la velocidad tanto como a nosotros? Acompaña a Sonic en sus aventuras con Tails, Knuckles y Shadow.
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¡Observa nacer a un dinosaurio!
Adopta un huevo de dinosaurio y sumérgelo en agua para verlo nacer.
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Estas navidades nos preparamos para la llegada del Equipo 7 con Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno y Sasuke Uchiha de la popular serie Naruto.
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Comansi toys and figures

A toy isn’t just a source of entertainment for children, it can become the base for their cognitive, social and emotional development. 

We want to offer toys with a real purpose; authentic toys able to adapt to out modern times; toys that support the child’s development with intention, with logic. This is what Comansi means with Play for Real.

We have manufactured toys and figures since 1962 with the purpose of creating fun and unforgettable moments for the young ones. Our mission is to create a universe of toys and figures that fill with illusion, knowledge and experiences for life.

Best-selling toys

In Comansi we offer a diverse catalogue with the most popular characters of all time. 

Discover the favorites!

Comansi Figurines

We have more than 30 different figurine collections based on characters from TV series, video games and movies.

Comansi Toys

Comansi Toys are much more than just fun toys!

In conclusion, a toy comes with an endless amount of benefits and opportunities. As our slogan states: We always aspire to Play for Real.

We believe in what we do

Productos Originales

We create original products

With our wide variety of official licenses, we produce most of our products ourselves. All of them are fabricated under the International Toy Safety Standards.

We follow the trends

We keep up with the day-to-day trends of children. Furthermore. we are pioneers in creating figurines and toys of trending characters.
Fundaciones y ONGs

We collaborate with NGOs and foundations

We believe in donating to foundations and vulnerable communities directed towards children's happiness.
Envios internacionales

International shipping

It doesn't matter where you are located, we can ship your Comansi toys and figurines wherever you are. And if you live in Spain (Peninsula) or Andorra, you will receive your order in under 24h.


Find all of our products in one place: our online catalogue.


If you have any doubt or wish to ask us more, we are here to help you.

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