How to educate emotions by playing with the Color Monster

Emotional intelligence and The Colour Monster: figures to educate on emotions

Emotional intelligence has always been the great forgotten of the educational system.

Throughout those years at school and high school, we learned many things, but we lacked a key aspect: to be taught to manage our emotions to better understand what happens to us and how to act accordingly.

Something essential, considering that every day we feel dozens of different emotions, is that many times we do not know what to do with them, which leads us to behave incorrectly.

Mastering emotional intelligence is synonymous with being acknowledged of your own emotions, and at the same time understanding the emotions of others to be able to empathize with them.

It helps us make better decisions in all areas of our life because we know ourselves better.
And this is key to being a better person.

It also supports our psychological well-being, reduces stress, and allows us to enjoy better relationships with others.

Without any doubt, all are benefits.

So, if everything is advantageous for us, why not start promoting emotional intelligence in our children now?

In this article, we want to explain why it is essential to educate your little ones about emotions and how to use some tools to do it in a simple way.

Let's get started!

Educating emotional intelligence of children: essential in today's life

It is a shame to have to wait until we are older to realize that we lack emotional intelligence and start regulating ourselves when we are older.

Children also need to know how to manage emotions.

Moreover: imagine how difficult it must be for a child to face their emotions in some challenging situations where they don't know how to respond to them.

It only creates frustration and fear. He does not understand what is happening.

After all, when children cannot express what they feel, they “explode” and do “childish things”

such as kicking, lying on the ground, crying ...  

Therefore, you must help them to:

• Recognize their basic emotions.

• Know how to name what they feel at all times.

• Develop their empathy for others by knowing how others might be feeling.

• Improve their communication to be able to verbalize what is happening to them.

• And very important: control their anger or fear and be able to channel it more smartly.

As you can see, educating emotional intelligence has many benefits for your children.

And doing it is much easier than you think.

Toys and games to educate emotions

Most likely, you don't even know where to start.

It's normal: as we mentioned at the beginning, adults weren't told anything about their emotions at school. And even today it may be difficult for us to manage ourselves

However, all is not lost.

The key is to teach your children through the right instruments.

And what a better way than games for learning and having fun, all at the same time?

Without noticing it, they will be working to improve their behaviour.

Do you want to discover what are those toys that will help you in your mission?

We present them below.

The Colour Monster: the story of Emotional Intelligence for children

The Colour Monster by Anna Llenas is that book that cannot be missing on your little one's bedside table.

Most likely, it sounds familiar (it has become tremendously known!), And it is no wonder.

Throughout its history, it manages to tackle a very complex issue such as emotions in a super-

simple way that has excited thousands of children.

In case you don't know him yet, in the book the monster is very confused.

Something's wrong with him, but he doesn't know what it is. He has a huge mess with emotions. 

His mission is to learn to distinguish them to discover how he really feels.

The main emotions such as love, joy, calm, sadness, and fear are explained in the story.

And the best part is that each emotion is identified with a colour, so it is super easy for children to remember them.

They also have facial expressions derived from each emotion and characteristic physical signs, such as the crossed arms of the monster of anger.

In conclusion, The Colour Monster helps to:

Become aware that emotions exist and learn how to identify each one of them.

• Know how emotions are expressed in a person's attitude.

• Recognize in ourselves when you feel one of these emotions.

• Learn to manage emotions.

• Empathize with other people by knowing what they are feeling.

Comansi Figurines and The Colour Monster: discover the figurines that educate on emotions.

Ultimately, the story of The Colour Monster is essential for the emotional development of your children.

And what better way than to practice everything learned in the book with your Colour Monster toys.

At Comansi, we have the official licence to create the original Colour Monster figurines.

Your children can play and learn at the same time with the figures of the colour monster; calm, love, joy, and fear.

Educate in emotions to improve the Emotional Intelligence of children

Educating emotions has never been so easy (and so necessary).

Our society is giving greater importance to knowing how to manage ourselves emotionally, even more in these times.

Children are often the great forgotten, and we must, as parents, help them so that they grow emotionally healthy and strong.

We hope the article has helped you. Remember that in our online store you will find figures and toys designed not only for leisure, but also to educate your little ones.

Take a look and discover everything we have prepared to empower your child.