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You have a Giga Balloon Ball! We hope that you like it as much we do. Here are some tips tricks to help you get start, along with all the information you need on how to play and use your Giga Balloon Ball safely.


  • 1 Giga Balloon Ball
  • nozzle

Inflating your Giga Balloon Ball

  1. Insert the nozzle into the adapter carefully, to avoid pricking the balloon, and connect it to an air pump.
  2. Hold the nozzle tightly while the ball is inflating.

When the ball is big enough... YOU CAN STOP INFLATING!

Your ball is now ready to play with.

As you inflate your Giga Balloon Ball to different sizes, it will look and bounce very differently to when it is fully filled. Try it and see.

  • Do not exceed 120 cm in diameter
  • It is recommended to use an electric air pump.


Insert the nozzle without using an air pump and let the air out.


If your Giga Balloon Ball gets dirty, we recommend that you deflate it and wash with a small amount of hand soap (a drop will be enough) and some cold water. You can either let it dry by itself or dry with a towel.


With the help of an adult, you can fill your ball with 60% pumped air and 40% helium!

Your Giga Balloon Ball will be "neutrally buoyant" and it will appear to hang in the air all by itself. When your ball is filled with helium, be careful not to lose it. With very little effort it can travel very, very far.

You can also fill your ball with water but no more than 25%


Please, don't try to fill your Giga Balloon Ball completely with helium, or it can float away when you throw or kick it.

Do not fill it with more than 60% air and 40% helium.

Be careful not to fill your ball with too much water, as it will be too heavy to play with!


Be careful not to trap anyone beneath your Giga Balloon Ball. Your Giga Balloon Ball is not a flotation device.

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