Comansi launches new figures for original Easter monas (cake) - 03/04/2017

Comansi launches new figures for original Easter monas

Year after year, toy-manufacturer Comansi consolidates it reputation as the leading supplier of figures for the traditional Easter mona cakes.


For this Easter, Comansi has again issued a range of popular figures for fun, original Easter monas.

New this year is the collection of popular Miffy bunny figures and the cute Gorjuss dolls.

Figura de GorjussFigura de Miffy

In any case, confectioners also like to keep a range of our timeless classics to hand - Disney princesses (both Beauty and the Beast are particularly popular this year), FC Barcelona players and Pixar characters.


Comansi non-articulated figures are available in all good establishments, and are charming, original details for you to decorate your Easter monas. With our wide range, you are sure to find the figure you need for your own original mona.